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Mattresses for Adjustable Beds and Frames

Mattresses for Adjustable Beds and Frames
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Adjustable beds and frames require compatible mattresses with a flexible structure that can adapt to the different positions of the bed or frame.

Rigid mattresses are unsuitable for use on adjustable beds or frames. Bending can damage the mattress and the frame itself might be damaged if the mattress is too stiff to bend.

This being the case, choose a mattress with latex or memory foam core when buying for an adjustable bed frame. This type of mattress is ideally suited for use on adjustable bed frames because the material is flexible, it returns to its original shape and it is lighter than rigid spring mattresses.

Here is a list of mattresses suitable for using with adjustable bed frames. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us or visit our mattress shops in Lisbon.

Mattresses suitable for using with adjustable beds and frames

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