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How to choose a mattress

How to choose a mattress
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  1. The mattress should match the body type (Weight/Height Ratio).
    It should be firm and flexible. In other words, it should be comfortable and support the body sufficiently, without sagging;
    Recommended firmness
    Enter your weight and height to calculate the recommended firmness for your mattress (in the case of a couple, enter the values for the heaviest person):


  2. Types of Mattress
    There are different types of mattresses on the market: traditional spring mattresses include continuous spring mattresses, pocket spring mattresses and open coil or Bonnell mattresses, as well as Latex, Memory Foam and other latest generation foam mattresses;
  3. Comfort
    Very firm or very soft mattresses are bad for your spine. The mattress you choose should be firm, but sufficiently soft to adjust to your profile and the curves of your spine.

How to extend the life of your mattress

Your mattress should be replaced after 8 to 10 years because it loses its firmness and thickness.
But with care, it could last even longer. For example, it is a good idea to periodically give your mattress time to air.
Also try to regularly vacuum and turn your mattress (monthly, at least), which helps to prevent dampness and the appearance of dust mites.
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